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from Stefan Schnell

When an action (script) is created in VMware Aria Automation 8, it is possible to select different execution environments. Each of these execution environments runs in a container. One these execution environments is PowerCLI.

Information About the PowerCLI Infrastructure

VMware PowerCLI is a set of PowerShell cmdlets to manage and automate the VMware infrastructure. This approach also offers the possibility to use the dotNET, which is underlying of PowerShell. To know which dotNET version comes to use, here an approach.

# Begin-----------------------------------------------------------------

Write-Host "`n>>>Get-Host<<<";
$getHost = Get-Host;
Write-Host "Name: $($getHost.Name)";
Write-Host "PSVersion: $($getHost.Version)";
Write-Host "CurrentCulture: $($getHost.CurrentCulture)";
Write-Host "CurrentUICulture: $($getHost.CurrentUICulture)";

Write-Host "`n>>>PSVersionTable<<<";
foreach ($PSInformation in $PSVersionTable.GetEnumerator()) {
  Write-Host "$($PSInformation.Name) : $($PSInformation.Value)";

Write-Host "`n>>>System.Environment.Version<<<";
$version = [System.Environment]::Version;
Write-Host "Common Language Runtime Version: $($version)";

Write-Host "`n>>>OS Release<<<";
$processInfo = New-Object System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo;
$processInfo.FileName = "cat";
$processInfo.RedirectStandardError = $true;
$processInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = $true;
$processInfo.UseShellExecute = $false;
$processInfo.Arguments = "/etc/os-release";
$process = New-Object System.Diagnostics.Process;
$process.StartInfo = $processInfo;
$process.Start() | Out-Null;
$stdout = $process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
Write-Host $stdout;

# End-------------------------------------------------------------------


The Get-Host cmdlet represents the hosting PowerShell program. It provides information about the PowerShell version and that there is no setting for the culture in the default, which has an effect on the date format, for example.

get information with the powershell cmdlet get-host


The automatic variable $PSVersionTable delivers information about the PowerShell version and edition and we see here that we are working with a Photon operating system.

get information with the variable psversiontable


The System.Environment.Version property of the dotNET delivers information about the using common language runtime (CLR). From this interesting further information can already be derived.

get information with dotnet method system.environment.version

OS Release

This file contain operating system identification data.


If you plan to add a dotNET type, in the context of PowerCLI or PowerShell, it is very important to know which environment is used. The CLR and language support define our capabilities, so knowing that is very important.


With the release 8.12 of Aria Automation offers the Orchestrator new runtime environments. One of these are PowerShell, without PowerCLI.

Aria Automation Release PowerShell Release PS Version CLR Version 12 (PowerShell 7.0) 12 (PowerShell 7.1) 12 (PowerShell 7.1) 12 (PowerShell 7.1) 12 (PowerShell 7.1) 12 (PowerShell 7.2) 12 (PowerShell 7.2) 12 (PowerShell 7.2) 12 (PowerShell 7.2) 12 (PowerShell 7.2) 12 (PowerShell 7.4) 13 (PowerShell 7.4) 12 (PowerShell 7.4) 13 (PowerShell 7.4)